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by justin on September 7, 2012

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30 Strangers portrait project

This year’s 30 Strangers exhibit is now up and available to view at the BYU Lee Library Auditorium Gallery (first floor). The exhibit will run through October 28. Go check it out. I think you’ll like it.

On October 4, from 6-9 pm, we’d love to have you join us for the artist’s reception. These events are always such great fun, and when I say we’d love to have you there, I really mean it. It’s a special night, with a beautiful feeling. For extra enjoyment, at 7pm, four writers–  Amy Hackworth, Lisa Clark, CJane Kendrick,and Kacy Faulconer–will read short essays about motherhood in the adjacent auditorium. That part you aren’t going to want to miss. And I know what you’re thinking–you’re probably saying to yourself, “Well that’s all fine and good, but if someone would also sing a beautiful song, then I’d really enjoy myself”. Well, tiger, you’re in luck. Cherie Call will sing a song. Just for you.

See you then!

What: 30 Strangers exhibit, Artists Reception
When: Thursday, October 4, 2012, 6-9pm (Readings and music at 7:00)
Where: BYU Lee Library, Auditorium Gallery, 1st Floor
Why: Support the arts, duh
How: Easy


This exhibit is generously sponsored by The Brownstone Gallery.


And did you see the video about 30 Strangers made by Kale Fitch. Wowza. It’s here.

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