Provo on a foggy night

by justin on January 16, 2014

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Kent Miles always says, “To make pictures that no one else can, you have to do what no one else will.” What he means by that, is when conditions aren’t ideal, it’s cold, or raining, or stormy, or you may have to climb a long way to get the shot, most people will give up and do something else.

I thought about that last week when I was just about to get in bed. I already had my pajamas and night-cap on. Just kidding about the night-cap. But the part about just about ready to get in bed is accurate. Amy came home and said it sure is foggy outside. I thought, well I’ll bet there’s some great pictures to be made out there. But then I thought, too bad I’m just about ready for bed. And then I thought, ya, but fog, and pictures and that thing Kent Miles always says. And then I thought about sleep and a cozy bed.

I’m glad I chose to go outside and make some photographs.

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