Bridal portriat

by justin on February 26, 2013

The class I’m teaching this semester at UVU is on running a wedding photography business. Since we can’t all go and shoot a wedding each time we meet for class, I’m trying to re-create, in some way, the different stages of a wedding. Last week I had the students come to my studio in Provo and photograph my friend Julie. I wanted to re-create the “getting ready” pictures.

Thank you SO much to the beautiful and charming Flavia from Versa Artisty that came to do Julie’s hair and make-up and knocked it out of the park, as always.

Utah photographerBridal portraits provo utah

And thanks to the always radiant Julie who charmed the pants off everyone in class.


St. George wedding photography

by justin on November 7, 2012

Janessa and Jared got married in St. George recently and I’ll have those pictures to show soon. The night before the wedding, however, we drove to a lovely golf course and took these bridal portraits.

Meet Janessa and Jared.

St. George Utah wedding photography

St. George Bridal pictures

wedding photography St. George Utah

St. George bridal portraits




Salt Lake Bridal Portraits

by justin on August 27, 2012

Professional wedding photography

Professional wedding photography Utah

Utah wedding photographer

Wedding photography by Justin Hackworth

Professional wedding photography Utah

Utah professional wedding photography

Professional wedding photography Utah

Jayci and Trevor, a week before their wedding in Salt Lake City.

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Provo Bridal Photography

by justin on July 24, 2012

Here are some of Caitlyn’s bridal portraits, photographed at my studio in Provo, Utah, and then at one of my favorite places in Provo Canyon. It’s so beautiful there, and now is such a good time of year to visit.

Caitlyn and Spencer just got married a couple days ago, and I’ll post some of those wedding pictures soon. I was so happy to be their wedding photographer. I like these guys a lot.

Bridal portraits provo

Bridal portraits provo

Bridal portriats Provo

Provo wedding photography

Bridal photography Utah


Bridal portaits – Claire

by justin on March 14, 2012

Claire is getting married this week in Salt Lake. She came in to the studio last week for her bridal portrait session. She brought along her mother and we all had a good time together. After I took some pictures in my studio, we went to a park on the West side of Provo. At this time of year, the grass is dead and brown all over town, but for some reason, I found a small patch of very green grass and it just happened to be in the exact spot where I wanted to photograph Claire–right there where that low-setting sun was poking through the trees a bit.

I’m really looking forward to the wedding.

Now, here’s Claire.

Provo bridal portraits

Utah wedding photography

Utah wedding photography

bridal portraits

wedding photography Utah

Provo wedding photography



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Bridal portraits – Provo

by justin on February 27, 2012

Provo bridal portratis

Here’s Kaytie. She’s getting married next month. I’ll post more of her bridal pictures after she’s married, but I just had to sneak one in before that.


From the archives

by justin on February 1, 2012

Ania, photographed in 2001 in Santa Barbara, California.

California wedding photography

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Bridal pictures

by justin on January 24, 2012

Julianna got married a few days ago, so now I can show these bridal pictures that were taken in Provo, Utah. They were top secret up to this point because she didn’t want her fiance Jeff to see the dress until the wedding day.

I photographed the wedding day, a lovely affair, and will post those soon, too. But for now, here’s the lovely bride, Julianna.

Provo wedding photography

Provo bridal photography

Provo wedding photographers

Utah bridal photography

Provo wedding photographers


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Idaho Falls wedding photography

by justin on October 14, 2011

Meet Diana and Nathan. Just a couple kids in love. And, as it turns out, they’re getting married in Idaho Falls next Friday. I’ll be there to photograph the happy day. The following photographs were taken for Diana’s bridal pictures in Provo, Utah, just a couple weeks ago.

Diana Bridals

Utah wedding photographer

Diana bridal portrait

Utah wedding and portrait photography

Diana and Nathan wedding portraits


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Bride and Groom portraits – Provo

by justin on August 29, 2011

Well now, who said you have to get your bridal pictures taken before your wedding? Michelle and Scot came in a week after they got married. It just give you an extra day to wear that dress.

Utah wedding photography

bridal portraits


Provo wedding photographer

bride and groom

wedding photography

Provo bridal portraits

Utah wedding photographer

Michelle’s bridal pictures were taken in my studio as well as Provo Canyon.


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Bridal portraits – Kiersten

by justin on July 14, 2011

Kiersten’s getting married today and I’ll be there to photograph all the happy moments as they unfold. Here she is, earlier this month, when I photographed her bridal portraits.

We met at the Homestead in Midway. That’s when I met her, her mother, her sister, and her sister in law. Then we drove a few minutes up the road to Huber Grove in Wasatch State Park.

I’m really excited to photograph the wedding reception. It’s at a place on Deer Creek called The Dock of the Bay. I’ve never photographed a wedding there before and I think it’s going to be gorgeous.

Hooray for love!

provo bridal portraits and wedding photography

Soon to be bride

bridal bouquet

bridal bouquet

Provo wedding photographers

Photographed in Huber Grove

utah bridal portraits

I love her dress

Provo Utah wedding photography


I loved Kiersten and Jordan’s engagement pictures.


Kellee’s getting married in Salt Lake City today and I am honored to be photographing the event. Kellee is friends with Rebecca, who is awesome (I shot her wedding last year) and that’s how Kellee heard about me. We invited Kellee to Blushing this spring where we gave away an engagement session and she won! She asked if I would instead make bridal portraits for her. Deal. Part of the giveaway also included hair and make-up from Flavia at Versa Artistry who did an amazing job. If you’re getting married and looking for such things, I highly recommend Flavia.

By the time you read this, all the crummy Provo weather we’ve had this spring will be long forgotten and you’ll already be wearing a tank top and flip-flops, mixing up a delicious jug of lemonade. But on the day these pictures were taken, it was rainy and cold. That’s one of the advantages of having a studio. Rain or shine, the light in there is always gorgeous.

Speaking of gorgeous, meet Kellee.



You’re getting married, too, and fine photography is a priority? Call me.


Bridal Pictures – Lovebirds

by justin on May 6, 2011

Look who’s getting married soon – Jameson and Dana.

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Bridal portraits

by justin on October 9, 2010

Maren got married last week in Salt Lake City. Although I’ve been eager to post these bridal portraits, I waited until after the wedding because the groom didn’t want to see the dress until he saw it on Maren when she was walking down the isle on her wedding day.

Meet Maren.


Justin Hackworth photographs brides and grooms on the wedding day or before the big day comes and he wants to photograph you.


Bridal Portraits – Utah

by justin on October 7, 2010

Annie and Brendan are getting married in less than two weeks. Of course, I’ll be there to photograph the happy event. But in the mean time, here are her bridal pictures, all taken in Provo, Utah.


Here’s Elyssa and Chris, photographed in Provo Canyon one week before their wedding.


Justin Hackworth photographs happy couples and he wants to photograph you.


Britt lives in Logan, Utah. I met her for the first time a few weeks ago when she came to the 30 Strangers exhibit. Her sister Alison was one of the strangers (day 14) so they all came to check it out.

And now Britt’s getting married. First step, bridal portraits. After we talked for a little while at the studio, we walked around downtown Provo just to see what we could see and to be open to the possibilities and the idea of chance in art.

Meet Britt.

Justin Hackworth photographs happy couples and beautiful events and he wants to photograph you.


Jamie is getting married in Salt Lake today and I’m looking forward to photographing the big day. Last week we had a good time with her mother and two sisters and cousin taking her bridal portraits in Provo.

Side note: Now, when you look at these pictures, you might find yourself saying, where on earth did she get that fabulous dress? Paris? New York? Did she make a pact with the devil to get a dress so stunning? Nice guesses, but nope. She got it at Alta Moda in Salt Lake. And if you are getting married, you’ll never stop thanking me for telling you about Alta Moda, if you go there, too.

And now, the lovely miss Conley:

And the support team:


Whitney is married now

by justin on June 26, 2010

At the beginning of June, we drove past Vivian Park, up the road to South Fork, for Whitney’s bridal pictures. It was a perfect day for such things.

Yesterday, Whitney got married in Salt Lake. Those wedding pictures will come soon. In the mean time, here are the bridal pictures.

Meet Whitney:


Justin Hackworth Photography – We’re not just making pictures, we’re making history.

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Rexburg Bridal Pictures at sundown

by justin on June 22, 2010

On the night before Ashley and Alden got married in Rexburg, Idaho, we took picutres just a few miles down the road from where Ashley grew up.


Justin Hackworth photographs happy people and beautiful events and wants to photograph you, in Idaho or Utah or anywhere your wedding is taking place.