Birthday self-portraits

by justin on January 9, 2016

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For the fifth year in a row, now, I have spent my birthday making self portraits. The number of self portraits I make, depends on the age I am that day. Today I turned 48. Here are this year’s self portraits. Forty-eight of them.

Just woke up.

Good family.


Can’t seem to shake this cold.

New birthday socks!

My brother Jordan gave me this cool Robert Frank book for my birthday.

Lunch. Yes, I’m in this picture.

Self portrait of a selfie.

Brunch at our favorite restaurant.

Ran into some friends, Lizzy and Spencer.

At the movie.


Want to see the previous years?

Age 47

Age 46

Age 45

Age 44



Sunday Morning

by justin on November 15, 2015

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A morning at the Hackworth house.

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A picture of my dad

by justin on November 3, 2015

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Allen Hackworth, or, Dad.

a picture of my dad



by justin on August 7, 2015

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family portrait photography


Feeling grateful

by justin on June 7, 2015

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It’s Sunday, and Amy’s taking a nap. It’s not often she can squeeze a nap into her day but the baby’s asleep, so that makes it easier. I think the other two boys went outside, somewhere. There was a time when they were little when we wanted to know exactly where they were at all times, but now, they just say goodbye and we say, come home for dinner, and they always do.

I was out of town last week (Cancun) and I’ll be out of town next week (Cape Cod) and it’s really nice to have this sunny Sunday at home. Traveling is a double edge sword for me. I love going places and that’s one of my favorite things about this job, traveling. On the other hand, I miss Amy and the boys when I’m gone and I know it’s hard on Amy when I’m not around to help. Last month I stood at the remarkable site of Machu Picchu and couldn’t help but think it would have been more enjoyable if Amy had been with me.

This year so far, all work related, I’ve been to California twice, Las Vegas, Haiti, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Peru. It’s my first time going to Peru and Puerto Rico, but the other places, I’ve been before. Third time to Haiti, second time to the Dominican Republic. In April I had a wedding in the DR, but stuck around for three days and headed to a beautiful town called Las Terranas with my friends Gheen and Beth Hillman. Lots of relaxation on the beach, but the best part about that trip was swimming in the El Limon waterfall. Last week I was in Cancun for a wedding and while I was there, went parasailing for the first time. $60 well spend, I say.

A couple days ago we had our first Rooftop Concert of the season. We’re having 4 shows instead of 6 this year. Earlier in the year, Sarah, Courtney and I decided we would quit. We got together and said we’re done putting on these shows. Courtney told the mayor we’re through, and he talked her back into it and she talked us back into it. After Friday night’s concert, I’m glad we’re back in.

The boys just came back inside the house and just woke up the baby. There’s a lot of things about this world I just don’t know (how to speak Russian, how salmon can figure out how to return to where they were born in order to spawn), but one of the biggest mysteries is why on earth my older boys can’t remember to keep quiet when the baby is asleep.

May in Provo was the most rainy May on record. But now, sunny days seem to have finally made their way to this part of the county. Today, right now, the sun is shining and it feels so good. I love the sun. I love sunny days. I love today.

Family photography, Provo Utah


My parents

by justin on December 21, 2014

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Allen Hackworth

Allen and Loni Hackworth, photographed in San Anotonio, Texas, at a family wedding. They’re very supportive.



Island Park Family Portraits

by justin on December 17, 2014

in Family, Idaho

You drive north on Highway 20, past the Frost Top in Ashton, past the cabins at Ponds Lodge and a few miles down the Buttermilk Loop Road in Island Park.

It’s cold outside and you think that wind might just send one of those lodgepole pines on top of you, but still you gather everyone in front of the yurt to take a picture. It’s a good idea to make a record of this day. Your kids are young and your nieces and nephews are young, but they won’t stay that way. And they’ll look at these pictures in 20 years, and maybe they’ll say, remember that weekend when we went to Grandpa’s yurt the day after Thanksgiving and ate chili and cinnamon bears?

Film expertly scanned and developed by Alpine Film Lab.


Five months old

by justin on August 1, 2014

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Our little guy is now 5 months old.

family portraits provo utah


Two years ago, when I turned 44 years old, my friend Brett Howell gave me a great idea. Spend the day making self portraits as a way to celebrate my birthday.  So, that year, when I turned 44, I took 44 self portraits. Last year I turned 45 and did 45 self portraits. This year, well, you know the drill. So here they are: 46 self portraits on the occasion of my 46th birthday.

Good morning

Like tiger cubs, those kids

There’s not a sweater or socks in any of those boxes. I didn’t know that then, but I do now.

I’ll probably step on about half of those in the next week or so

Our neighbor and friend, Liz, was walking by. I asked her to be in the picture.

On my way to the office.

Amy surprised me and invited friends to the office.

Michal Czarnecki- Alden and Ashley Aikele – Mindy Gledhill (front row) – Sydney Macfarlane – Brady Parks – Courtney Kendrick – Leah Wright (front row) – Amy (front row) – Brian Kershesnik – Julie Mackay – Brooke and Rich Hoopes

Mindy Gledhill

Courtney Kendrick

Brian Kershisnik

Double exposure. Still just counts as one picture, though.

She’s worn out. Planning parties, plus, being 8 months pregnant is hard work.

On our way to dinner.

Checking out the menu at our favorite restaurant – Communal.

After Cub Scout Pack Meeting.

Baskin Robbins

Reading Minnie and Moo to the boys.


Amy Hackworth

by justin on August 18, 2013

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Amy Hackworth

Amy, at Torrey Pines.

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by justin on July 25, 2013

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Torrey Pines, California
They don’t care if the water’s cold. They don’t care if they get sand in their pants. They only concern themselves with having fun.

And then I interrupt them and ask them to stop all that. I want to make a picture that our family will care about in 40 years and beyond. And in 40 years we’ll look back on this picture, and remember that getting your pants wet and sandy on the beach at Torrey Pines is a good thing to do at any age.


I’m not just making pictures. I’m making history.


Amy Hackworth

by justin on June 18, 2013

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Great writer, Amy Hackworth

Amy Hackworth, writer

Have you been reading her columns on Wow. Every week (usually Mondays) she’s got a post on there that is thoughtful and thought provoking. Oh, I’m telling you what–I love this girl.


Happy Birthday, sugar

by justin on February 14, 2013

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Her birthday is on Valentine’s Day. That’s why she’s so sweet. Happy Birthday, sugar. I love you like crazy.

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Feel free to leave a comment if you’d like to give Amy a birthday greeting.



Christmas Eve in Rexburg

by justin on December 24, 2012

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Rexburg Idaho

There’s a picture of me when I was about 6 years old standing on top of a pile of snow that had been pushed by plows to the side of the road. It’s twice as high as any car, and so my parents’ green AMC Javelin looks tiny and I look even tinier in that picture. My memory of how much it used to snow here in Rexburg might have been exaggerated by a young mind, but then, there’s that picture. There’s proof, that at least that year, snow was a massive presence in this farm town.

It was snowing when I woke up this morning but not enough to reach as high as the cars. Not even enough to completely cover the lawn.

There were just a few last minute gifts to get so I went with the boys to town. I drove down Main Street and looked for all the stores that were open when I lived here. There aren’t many, anymore. The hardware store is now a call center for an alarm company. The shoe store, both jewelry stores, the blacksmith (for real, there was a blacksmith), the place where you could buy both snowmobiles and baseball mitts–all gone. The courthouse and jail are still in the same place, though, because justice never goes out of style.

I dropped the boys off at their cousins’ house and went back to my in-laws. I walked down to the river that cuts through their back yard. It’s beautiful there, and quiet. I scared a blue heron on my way. If he could understand me, I would have called out and said, “Hey, let’s both stay here!” And if he could speak English he would say, “Oh, I’m not leaving because you’re here. I just remembered I left the oven on.” And I would say, “You have an oven?” And he would say, “Just kidding. You frighten me. I’m getting the heck out of here.”

It’s quiet now, and there’s the sound of the river, and you can just barely hear the cars on the highway about a mile away. It started snowing while I was down there and I wondered where all those cars were going on Christmas Eve. Did they have their Christmas shopping done? Was one of them going to propose to their girlfriend tonight? Were they going to cook a ham tomorrow? Were any of them planning on putting towels on the heads of their children as they acted out the Nativity story? A lot of those people were headed to houses that would be peaceful and ideal. And I thought of my friend Bill Conley who will instead spend Christmas in the hospital getting his body blasted all to crap with radiation. Leukemia. I know there are those stories, too.

I got cold, came inside and called Amy. Later tonight we’ll all gather and eat good food. We’ll sing and put towels on the kids’ heads and act out the Nativity story. The kids will go to bed with frenzied thoughts about Legos and Santa. And I’ll go to bed grateful for all the ways that God manifests Himself in my life.

Merry Christmas.


Here’s Amy’s thoughtful reflections about this time of year.




San Diego Family Pictures – my family

by justin on September 2, 2012

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In July we drove to San Diego and had the time of our lives. It looked a little something like this.

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Professional family portraits

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San Diego Family Portraits

by justin on August 29, 2012

in Family, portraits

Here’s my brother Jeremy with his lovely wife Carisa and their kids, photographed in San Diego this July. Soon, I’ll have some pictures from their wedding celebration, which is the reason I went to California in the first place.

But for now, please meet Carisa and the good doctor Hackworth.

Professional portrait photography California

Family portraits

Professional family portrait photography

Professional family portraits

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Family portrait photography California

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Bear Lake

by justin on August 27, 2012

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Family portrait photography

Professional family portraits

Utah photographer

This summer, there’s been a some time to relax.

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Family vacation

by justin on July 30, 2012

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We drove to San Diego (Coronado Island, really) and went straight to the beach. Our primary reason to travel to California was for a wedding. (More on that in an upcoming post). Our other primary purpose was to get salty and sandy, to relax, drink lemonades on the beach, and soak in that beautiful California weather. Mission accomplished.

Amy Hackworth

Amy Hackworth

Coranado California

Coronado Island

California family portraits

Coronado Island

San Diego


Twice as long, twice as fun

by justin on July 23, 2012

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At the end of May, me and the boys went to St. George for the weekend and came home the long way. I already posted something about it here and here, but wanted to include a few more pictures. Instead of taking I-15, we drive down highway 89, also known as Utah’s Heritage Highway. From time to time we’d get out of the car and walk around to see what we could see.

Utah photography

Mugwumps Antiques


A weekend in St. George

by justin on May 27, 2012

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This weekend, it’s just me and the boys.